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    The installation “living on earth” is now exhibited at BAP Ile de France architecture and landscape biennale Augures. From May 4 to July 13

    BAP Augures
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    GRAU is currently holding the International Guest Professorship at Peter Behrens School of Arts in Düsseldorf.

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    GRAU will participate in the “Civic Design” Symposium at the PBSA in Düsseldorf, the 9/11/18

  • 05.06.18

    GRAU is in Johannesburg to work with students from GSA on affordable housing.

    GSA Johannesburg
  • 17.11.17

    GRAU is invited to participate in the symposium “Constructing Practice” organized by Professor Juan Herreros at Columbia University in New York. Nov 2017

    Columbia University
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    The exhibition “30 architects” organized by Pavillon de l’Arsenal in Paris is open.  

    Pavillon de l'Arsenal
  • PJU 2016


    Susanne Eliasson and Anthony Jammes are recipients of the Young Planners Award 2016 / Palmarès des Jeunes Urbanistes 2016

    PJU 2016
  • Lormont

  • Charleroi Metropolis

  • Norra Kymlinge Stockholm

  • La Fab

  • 22 dwellings